A+ (Å) – Å


Artist: A+ (Å)
Album: Å
Genre: Krautrock, Avant-garde, Experimental
Label: Besides Records
Recording: 2006

Getting information on Å isn’t easy. Even Die Schachrel’s website enthuses about an “unknown (and we mean literally unknown trio of young Italian musicians. They are Stefano Roveda, Andrea Faccioli and Paolo Marocchio, and these pieces are apparently edited together from various improvisations. Some ot the drum patterns – brilliantIy recorded with both clarity and live-room clatter – recall Faust’s Zappi Diermaier, while the string drones trailing over hypnctic guitar are reminiscent of This Heat’s “horizontal Hold”.These can be heard on the 13 minute Closing track”It’s happening in my head” (the titles, some very long, are taken from Mark Haddon’s book The curious incident of the dog in the night-time) which then trails through piano interludes and a section of lyrical violin over repetitive gurtar strummmig, this episodic collection has its own distinctive style, though and cuts from big raw guitar chords to pithy piano sonatas, to electronics with distant wailing vocals to mbira loops – all to great effect. Being deluged with information on a daily basis, l’m happy to let the mystery of Å remain. But it would be fascinating to hear longer extracts from their source improvised material. – The Wire

Musician [Å Is] – Andrea Faccioli, Paolo Marocchio, Stefano Roveda

1 My Memory Is Like A Film. That Is Why 4:07
2 I Am Really Good At Remembering Things, Like The Conversation I Have Written Down In This Book, And What People Were Wearing, And What They Smelled Like, Because My Memory Has 4:23
3 A Smell Track Which Is Like A Soundtrack. And When People Ask Me To Remember Something I Can Simply 3:36
4 Press Rewind And Fast Forward And Pause Like On A Video Recorder, But Mor Like DVD Because I Don’t Have To Rewind 2:50
5 Through Everything In Between To Get To A Memory Of 3:27
6 Something A Long Time Ago. And There Are No Buttons, Either, Because 16:06
7 It Is Happening In My Head. 4:01