Sun Ra & His Arkestra with Chamber Orchestra – Pleiades: A Jazz Symphonique


Artist: Sun Ra & His Arkestra with Chamber Orchestra
Album: Pleiades: A Jazz Symphonique
Genre: Avant-garde Jazz, Big Band
Label: Transferred
Recording: 1990

Sun Ra: piano, synthesizer, vocals
Michael Ray: trumpet, vocals
Jothan Callins: trumpet, conductor, arranger
Tyrone Hill: trombone
Marshall Allen: alto sax, flute, oboe, piccolo
John Gilmore: tenor sax, clarinet, timbales, vocals
Noël Scott: alto sax, contra-alto clarinet
Charles Davis: baritone sax
James Jacson: oboe, bassoon, Infinity-drum
India Cooke: violin
Stephen “Kash” Killion: cello
John Ore: bass
Clifford Barbaro: drums
Earl C. “Buster” Smith: drums
Elson Dos Santos Nascimento: surdo grande, percussion
Talvin Singh: tabla, vocals
June Tyson: vocals, violin
The Symphony Orchestra (players unidentified): violins (3); string bass; flutes (3); alto saxes (2); tenor sax; English horn; bassoon; trumpets (3); trombone; French horn; tympani; percussionist

1. Pleiades (1948 home demo) 01:25
2. Pleiades (concert version) 15:37
3. Planet Earth Day 16:27
4. Friendly Galaxy 13:01
5. Disciplined One 04:22
6. Sun Procession 12:55
7. Lights on a Satellite 06:23
8. Frisco Fog 03:10
9. Love in Outer Space 06:55
10. Carefree (Egyptian Fantasy) 09:54
11. Mythic 2 07:50
12. Prelude in A Major (Chopin) 07:43
13. Planet Earth Day (Reprise) 07:18

Recorded at Théatre Carré Saint-Vincent, Orléans, France, October 27, 1990

Pleiades: A Jazz Symphonique


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