Eiliff – Close Encounter With Their Third One


Artist:  Eiliff
Album: Close Encounter With Their Third One
Genre:  Krautrock, Jazz-Rock, Prog Rock
Label: Garden Of Delights
Recording: 1972

These top musicians would have really deserved the big breakthrough, but only Rainer Brьninghaus eventually made it. At the time, their two LPs were too sophisticated and progressive for the general public, and fans of progressive music found them too jazzy. This is why they could hardly please anybody and their very elaborate music did not find many listeners. It’s good music, but you must get used to it. For experts only. Next to the totally unknown “Lilybaeum” – the stress is on “ae” -, this gig contains stage versions of three tracks from their second LP. As far as the recording quality is concerned, the same comments made with respect to the Gila CD apply. You’d better make up your own mind.

Bass – Bill Brown
Drums – Detlev Landmann
Guitar, Sitar – Houschäng Nejadépour
Keyboards – Rainer Brüninghaus
Saxophone – Herbert Kalveram

1 Lilybaeum 4:47
2 Girlrls 18:47
3 Hallimasch 15:12
4 Journey To The “Ego” 7:45
Live in Köln 18.10.1972.

Close Encounter With Their Third One