Embryo – Umsonst Und Draußen – Vlotho 1977


Artist: Embryo
Album: Umsonst Und Draußen – Vlotho 1977
Genre: Krautrock, Jazz-Rock
Label: Garden of Delights
Recording: 1977

From 1975 until 1978, Embryo played at the Vlotho ”Umsonst und draußen” festival every year. Their concert from July 1977 on the sports ground, figuring as festival site, in front of about 26,000 people was recorded professionally by Ulrich Wilkening, operating the soundboard. The recording has been preserved till this day. In fact unreleased, except for the track, ”Getalongwithasong”, which appeared on the double LP ”Umsonst und draußen – Vlotho 77” back then, and later as well on the 4CD box “Aufbrüche”. Here is now the whole Embryo gig of that festival, in the well-known Embryo style: jazz-rock influenced by world music. The sound is excellent, as is to be expected from an expert.

Bass – Uve Müllrich
Drums – Butze Fischer
Keyboards [Tasten] – Michael Wehmeyer
Vocals, Guitar – Roman Bunka
Vocals, Vibraphone – Christian Burchard

1. Feeling Song (12:58)
2. Intro Idea (5:33)
3. Prisoners (4:07)
4. Double Time (5:42)
5. Getalongwithasong (6:41)
6. Make It Easy (11:01)

Vlotho 1977