Morpheus – Restless Dreams


Artist: Morpheus
Album: Restless Dreams
Genre: Krautrock, Jazz-Rock, Fusion
Label: Garden of Delights
Recording: 2016

The 2017 full-length (recorded in 2016) by the reunited German band, which already became a popular name in jazz rock/fusion circles as early as in the mid-late ’70s. These contemporary tracks were taped with the original line-up, except for the drummer. Featuring all original material

Gerold Adler / guitars, midi-guitar
Peter Blömeke / bass
Heinrich Holtgreve / saxophone
Alvaro Tarquino / drums, percussion
Dennis Knitterscheidt / saxophone

1. Charming Faces (4:53)
2. Too Much of (Anything Goes) (15:39)
3. Kicked By a Camel (3:47)
4. Breitmaulfrosch’s Return (9:55)
5. Heart for Headache Again (8:17)
6. Coco Tree (7:30)
7. Neptun’s Back (9:25)
8. Slow Bow (1:51)

Restless Dreams