The Sidewinders – Flatfoot Hustlin’


Artist: The Sidewinders
Album: Flatfoot Hustlin’
Genre:  Funk, Soul
Label: Jazzman
Recording:  1977

Our never-ending quest for the ultimate Holy Grail LP has encountered many precious rarities and sought-after gems on the way, and The Sidewinders’ Flatfoot Hustlin’ is no exception. Incredibly rare, so much so that it’s only become known to collectors in recent years, here is another fantastic example of top notch funk n’ soul from the ’70s that would surely be in everybody’s record collection – if only it had been pressed in numbers and properly released! It was a bitterly cold night in Nova Scotia, Canada (of all places?!) when the Sidewinders got together in an unheated studio for a couple of days to cut Flatfoot Hustlin’ their first and only album. A professional touring band that had been on the circuit for many years, their sound was slick, solid and smooth. The recording was a wrap, a release was imminent – but then things began to go wrong… Our detailed liner notes from our own exclusive interviews reveal the story behind The Sidewinders and how this album came to be – or not as the case may be! What certainly is the case is that ‘Flatfoot Hustlin” is a great-sounding rare funk album chock full of deep soulful moments and full-on fat, funky grooves.

Composed By – Al Feeney (tracks: A3, B4), Alexander Link (tracks: A1,A2, A4, B1 to B3), Hank Anderson (tracks: A1,A2, A4, B1 to B3), Jerry Ayers (2) (tracks: A1,A2, A4, B1 to B3), Jerry Holland (2) (tracks: A1,A2, A4, B1 to B3), Jerry Jenkins (tracks: A1,A2, A4, B1 to B3), Raymond Myers (tracks: A1,A2, A4, B1 to B3), Reggie Barnes (tracks: A1,A2, A4, B1 to B3)

01. I Like to Dance (4:57)
02. Time for Loving (4:24)
03. A Voyage (1:06)
04. I Like Your Stuff (4:50)
05. Flat Foot Hustlin’ (6:16)
06. Gift to the Sun (6:09)
07. Can’t You Feel the Fire (4:55)
08. A Voyage (1:03)
Recorded at Audio Atlantic, Halifax, N.S.

Flatfoot Hustlin’


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