Berlin Jazzed out


Artist: VA
Album: Berlin Jazzed out
Genre: Free Improvisation, Free Jazz, Avant-Garde Jazz, Experimental, Documentary
Label: NO
Recording: 2012
Web Source: Private FTP
Artist Link:

1. Blasingway Part 1 – SAMUEL BLASER in the Holocaust Memorial
SAMUEL BLASER – trombone

2. Karl Marx Impro – SILKE EBERHARD on Karl Marx Allee
SILKE EBERHARD – saxophone

3. Mari Snippet – HÜTTE in the East Berlin Old Couple Little Garden On Easter Day
Max Andrzejewski – drums
J. Schleiermacher – sax
Andreas Lang – bass

4. Halleluja Hair – OY in the Swimming Pool Stattbad Wedding
Joe Frempong – voice & electronics
Lleluja Ha – drums

5. Phlegma Phighter – MICHAEL WOLLNY’S EM in Spreek Park the Forsake
Michael Wollny – piano
Eva Kruse – bass
Eric Schaefer – drums

6. Bloom – HYPERACTIVE KID in the Loft
Philipp Gropper – saxophone
Ronny Graupe – guitar
Christian Lillinger – drums

7. Hippie Song 1 – LOTUS EATERS in the Art Market Behind Tacheles
Wanja Slavin – saxophone
Rainer Böhm – piano
Andreas Lang – bass
Tobias Backhaus – drums

8. Improvisation – AXEL DÖRNER on the Bridge Above Train Tracks
AXEL DÖRNER – trumpet

9. Fresh Prince – SCHNEEWEISS & ROSENROT in Sez Club Ping Pong Hall
Lucia Cadotsch – vocal
Johanna Borchert – piano
Petter Eldh – bass
Marc Lohr – drums

Berlin Jazzed out


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