Ultimate Spinach 1968-1969


Artist: Ultimate Spinach 1968-1969
Album: all
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Label: all
Recording: 1968-1969
Web Source: Private FTP
Artist Link: Discogs

Bass, Bass [Feedback] – Richard Nese
Vocals, Drums, Tabla, Bass Drum, Bells [Assorted], Chimes – Keith Lahteinen
Vocals, Electric Guitar, Guitar [Hollowbody], Kazoo – Barbara Hudson
Vocals, Electric Piano, Harpsichord [Electric], Organ, Harpsichord, Twelve-String Guitar, Sitar, Harmonica, Flute [Wood], Theremin, Celesta – Ian Bruce-Douglas
Vocals, Lead Guitar, Guitar [Feedback], Sitar [Drone], Sitar [Electric] – Geoffrey Winthrop


Behold & See Ultimate Spinach I 1968
A1 Gilded Lamp Of The Cosmos 2:30
A2 Visions Of Your Reality 5:49
A3 Jazz Thing 8:20
A4 Mind Flowers 9:38
B1 Where You’re At 3:10
B2 Suite: Genesis Of Beauty (In Four Parts) 9:56
B3 Fifth Horseman Of The Apocalypse 5:50
B4 Fragmentary March Of Green 6:51


Ultimate Spinach II 1968
A1 Ego Trip 3:15
A2 Sacrifice Of The Moon (In Four Parts) 3:45
A3 Plastic Raincoats / Hung-Up Minds 2:54
A4 (Ballad Of The) Hip Death Goddess 8:18
B1 Your Head Is Reeling 3:39
B2 Dove In Hawk’s Clothing 3:55
B3 Baroque #1 4:46
B4 Funny Freak Parade 2:36
B5 Pamela 3:09


Ultimate Spinach III 1969
A1 (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet 2:38
A2 Some-Days You Just Can’t Win 3:28
A3 Daisy 2:18
A4 Sincere 3:29
A5 Eddie’s Rush 6:50
B1 Strange-Life Tragicomedy 4:13
B2 Reasons 3:51
B3 Happiness Child 4:42
B4 Back Door Blues 3:02
B5 The World Has Just Begun 3:19

Ultimate Spinach 1968-1969


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