Gipsy Love – Gipsy Love


Artist: Gipsy Love
Album: Gipsy Love
Genre: Folk Rock, Krautrock, Psychedelic Rock, Soul
Label: BASF
Recording: 1970
Web Source: Private FTP
Artist Link: Gipsy Love

Karl Ratzer [aka Charly Ratzer] – guitar, vocals
Jano Stojka – drums, skins, percussion
Kurt Hauenstein – bass, vocals, piano
Peter Wolf – organ, fender-piano, piano, vibraharp
George Doggette – hot air and a few syllables
Richard Schonher – keyboards, vocals
Meme, Doris, Stefanie – vocals
Demmer, Polirzer, Salomon, Meerwald, Meisinger – brass

01. Just A Little Love (G.Doggette, K.Ratzer) 05:39
02. There Is Something In Your Mind (G.Doggette, K.Ratzer) 04:35
03. Every Time I See Your Smile (G.Doggette, K.Ratzer, P.Wolf) 07:26
04. I Observed So Many Changes (G.Doggette, K.Ratzer, P.Wolf) 04:45
05. Let Me Come Over (G.Doggette, K.Ratzer, K.Hauenstein) 03:11
06. Don’t Be Surprised (G.Doggette, K.Ratzer) 05:47
07. She Smiles (G.Doggette, K.Hauenstein) 06:49
08. In Search (G.Doggette, P.Wolf) 01:51
09. What’s It All About (K.Ratzer) 04:51

Gipsy Love